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Why silk scrunchies are better for hair?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

The queen of all fabrics is perfect for any occasion and goes with any look. Known for their sheer luster and benefits, these scrunchies are making a comeback in the fashion field. Let’s find out why:


Minimum damage-

Glides effortlessly on hair, so while taking it out, the damage done due to friction is minimal.

Benefits of Scrunchies

Retains moisture-

Like skin, hair needs moisture too, Mulberry Silk absorbs less moisture than other fabrics and helps them keep hydrated.

Soft and Smooth

Soft & Smooth-

Silky-smooth hair is not just an expression, the world’s smoothest natural fiber has a butter-like smooth feel to it.


Say no to kinks-

Ever got a curl caused by tight hair ties? well no more! These soft ponytail holders help you avoid creases and kinks in your hair.

Zero Waste Fabric

Zero-Waste Fabric-

All of the silk’s by-products are integrated back into the ecosystem. The mulberry fruits are consumed, wood is used for timber, foliage is fed to cattle, Sericin recovered is used in the cosmetics industries, and the silk cocoon is used as fertilizer and fish feeds.

MARADI’s new collection of pure silk scrunchies is perfect for the hair statement. Made with zero wastage of fabric in mind, these come in 3 different sizes of skinny, medium, and fluffy in various colors. Grab yours now!

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