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Our Vision

For us, weaving is an art beyond profit. It is our family tradition.

Our vision is to create experiences that will pass down from generation to generation.

To create innovative, sustainable, long-lasting yet fashionable fabrics and designs with the most significant degree of precision & care.

To save and elevate the art of silk-making by providing our expertise to the world.

Our Promise

We take pride in our integrity and quality which is manifested in what is offered. Through our attention to detail along with expansive inventory, clients gets the best of quality products & services and with that assured promise, each and every transaction of the business is carried out.

Words from Our Managing Partner

"Quality and Integrity go a long way. That's why our customers trust us through the quality of our product and the honesty of our services. Our vision with the company is to manufacture and export comfortable, breathable fabric to the world.   

My father, M.S. Sesharangiah, exposed me to this art from the moment I was born. He was an organized man who had a way of doing things. I was initially interested in the pharmaceutical industry, but you must stay with something meant for you. It all started with my curiosity about how a tiny insect can create a fabric thread. Even after 50 years in the industry, I still am fascinated by the wonder of nature.   

Our motto is simple - be authentic and stick to your principles."  

M.S. Srinivas

Managing Partner

Silk Fabric Exporter

Authenticity is our Mantra


Years Of Experience


In-house Colors


Indian Silk Yarn


Mt production output a year

Trust the Numbers

Choose nothing but the best

Since 1911, We have crafted silk in various forms to provide you with the finest of products and services.

Meet the Team

Srinivas M S

Srinivas M S


Shantha Srinivas

Shantha Srinivas


Sharun Srinivas

Sharun Srinivas

Managing Partner

Ashok Xavier

Ashok Xavier

Sales Head

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