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111th Year of Mahalakshmi Hall: India’s Silk Weavers

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Typically, it starts when a founder chooses to operate a business based on a tiny, distinctive, and somewhat inventive notion. Here, it was all about preserving the Indian culture and continuing to pass it from generation to generation. Today, Mahalakshmi Hall, a textile manufacturer, has reached 111 years of age. The Mahalakshmi Hall family is delighted to announce that this is our 111th year producing products from 100% Indian yarn silk by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of silk.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Mahalakshmi Hall's mission has always been to intricately craft the most impeccable products with undying passion and true craftsmanship passed down from generations.

Our Story

How Did It Begin?

Mahalakshmi Hall was established in 1911 to specialize in silk; we are passionate about creating and supplying sustainable quality products. Since then, we have provided the best quality products for the hospitality, textile, and service industries.

For 111 years, Mahalakshmi Hall has flourished in the silk industry and will continue to support India, its artisans, and its culture. Long ago, we had established the significance of silk weaving in Indian culture. Silk fibres are gentle and natural, having little to no environmental impact. It is a natural thermal regulator, that keeps us warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

What makes us moving

What Makes Us Moving?

India has the second-oldest silk industry in the world, dating to about 2450 BC and 2000 BC. 7.6 million people are employed by it, with five states in India generating 97% of the raw mulberry silk. Although the textile sector kept expanding and the business thrived, silks became more costly, which reduced demand. The industry has declined more recently as a result of globalization and westernization.

Our Values

Mahalakshmi Hall Has Values!

One of our core values is to provide you with high-quality, finest soft products made entirely of Indian silk. Mahalakshmi Hall adheres to all procedures to ensure client satisfaction. We describe our work and products honestly and with integrity.

Mahalakshmi Hall Products & Services

The most popular Mahalakshmi Hall products are fabric, sarees, dhotis, and accessories. Our Services include Dyeing, Wash & Finish, Printing, and Customization.

A Note from our Managing Partner- M.S. Srinivas

Quality and Integrity go a long way, we have built a strong relationship with customers with the quality of our product and the honesty of our services. Our vision with the company is to manufacture and export comfortable breathable fabric to the world. Our motto is simple, be authentic and stick to your principles."

The Bottom Line!

Mahalakshmi Hall has always been and will present the finest, soft-quality products. As mentioned by our Managing Partner, we were and will be simple, authentic, and stick to our principles. Mahalakshmi Hall has served the people for the last 111 years and will continue to lead with better and better quality while being the customer's first choice.

Keep Choosing Us, and We Will Keep Becoming Better!

-by Akshay Meena

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