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5 Mantras to stay in the fashion game

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

In today’s world, where the market is so competitive and the trends change every second. How do you stay relevant?

I have got your answers from the expert himself, Mr. MS Srinivas, managing partner of Mahalakshmi Hall- manufacturers, exporters, service providers, and custom order executioners of silk products. So, when it comes to silk you could say he is the expert.

Here are the following mantras which he lives by:

Silk Quality


Honesty and quality go a long way. The quality of the product is a reflection of your character. You will retain the customers, not by cutting down the cost, but by the quality of your product and the honesty of your services.

Silk Thread

Keeping up with the trends-

Constant interaction with direct consumers and getting to know them will help you build your rapport and master the flow of current trends, which can later be adopted while curating your designs.

Common Sense

Use of CS: Common Sense-

When you focus on what everybody else has to say, things go haywire. When starting a business, we tend to make a lot of mistakes, however, one should learn from those and listen to that gut, Do what feels right!

Don't chase the money

Don't chase the money-

Money is intriguing, but if you want to stay relevant in the long run, focus on learning. Rome was not built in a day, once you get the ‘know-how', everything else you desire will be sorted out eventually.

Keep on learning

Keep on learning-

Be open to the idea of learning, even a child can teach you something. Investing in knowledge and constant self-evolution is a must.

Believe in yourself and the product. If you love what you create then others will too. It will never be easy, some days will be hectic and others a bit less. But if you enjoy your work, half of the problems are sorted and the other half, I am sure you will figure it out.

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