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Silk weaved for the world.

Explore the blend of traditional artistry and exquisite style.



  • Made from 100% pure Indian silk yarns

  • Fabrics with great tensile strength

  • Available in different weaves



  • Finest collection of pure silk zari sarees

  • Drapes woven with mulberry silk are available in crepe, georgette, and chiffon



  • Dyeing 

  • Printing 

  • Customization  

  • Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services for silk

What We Do

We strive to produce the most intricately crafted silk fabric and sarees, standing out as a premier Silk Fabric Manufacturer in Bangalore. At Mahalakshmi Hall, we aim to revolutionize the silk industry like never before, positioning ourselves as the leading B2B Silk Supplier in India. Our vision is to weave a world where our silk is adorned by businesses and individuals alike, reflecting the rich heritage of Bangalore silk fabric manufacturing.

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At Mahalakshmi Hall, we take immense pride in our exquisite range of silk products, seamlessly blending traditional artistry with a progressive approach, making us the top choice for Silk Fabric Wholesale in Bangalore.

As a leading Silk Fabric Manufacturer in Bangalore, we've consistently upheld our commitment to creating elegant, timeless, and contemporary designs since 1911. Our legacy is backed by skilled craftsmen, revered worldwide, who have inherited the expertise of producing intricate silk drapes. This craftsmanship has solidified our reputation as a renowned name in the industry.

Whether you're a business seeking premium silk fabric, in need of a trusted B2B Silk Supplier in India, or wish to explore a comprehensive silk fabric store, our esteemed silk textile company is here to cater to all your needs.

Leveraging our wholesale silk fabric options and our renowned expertise as a silk fabric exporter, we stand as a testament to the rich heritage of Bangalore silk fabric manufacturing. Dive into the essence of Indian silk fabric with Mahalakshmi Hall, where tradition meets innovation in every meticulously crafted piece.

Who are we

Silk weaved for the world.
Silk weaved for the world.
Silk weaved for the world.

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A relationship based on trust & honesty.

Silk weaved for the world.

For generations, MARADI has been the symbol of craftsmanship and passion. Our beloved family business brings centuries of skill and pride to every collection we create.

It takes a special kind of work to weave together our pieces of art, which bring together family traditions and modern concepts into one.⁣⁣

​We invite you to explore this unique journey with us, as we proudly present #MARADI—it’s not just a brand name; it’s your family's century-old craftsmanship weaved for the world!⁣

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